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Artistry in every creation: creating functional metalworks for commercial, residential, and industrial clients.

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Matt Titheridge

Owner / Shop Manager

Meet Matt. Working in the metal trades since 2002, he’s a skilled metalworker who enjoys creating unique, high-quality pieces for his customers.

Matt’s interest in creating unique and personalized designs dates back to before he even grew his trademark moustache. As a young tradesman from Alberta, Matt could often be found in his garage or barn pressing longboards for his first business venture, aptly named Mulfab (a nod to his mullet hairstyle).

His inspiration comes from his dad Trevor, who always had a full moustache and was never short on wise advice. After moving to the Kootenays and spending his days snow hunting, Matt found himself constantly being asked by friends to help them with their projects. And so, Moustache Matt was born and his previous company ‘Moustache Metalworks’.

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James Karthein

Owner / Office Manager

Meet James. The creative artistic force behind Mofab, he is a certified welder and artisan with over two decades of expertise in crafting welding, ornamental metalwork, and high-end fabrications under his previous company ‘Ridgeline Metal Works’. James and Matt joined their companies together to form ‘Mofab Metal Works’.

Mofab stands out by blending artistic aesthetics with structural and industrial precision, a rare combination achieved through the partnership of James and Matt. The duo pride themselves on end-to-end service, from design to installation, eliminating the need for subcontractors.

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